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Trades businesses are built on skill and hard work. But even the most talented teams can face a frustrating hurdle: inconsistent sales and missed opportunities. When good leads slip through the cracks without a clear reason, it undermines growth and wastes valuable resources.

Traditional sales tools often fall short for the trades industry. That's why we created Sales Ask.  Our AI-driven platform analyzes your calls, pinpointing the specific communication patterns that lead to signed contracts for your  type of work.  Whether you're a plumber, an electrician, or a general contractor, Sales Ask uncovers the hidden insights that turn "maybe" into "yes".
We understand the unique needs of trades businesses because we've lived them.  Sales Ask empowers you to overcome common objections, present your value effectively, and win bids without undercutting yourself.  Our insights help you streamline onboarding, helping your whole team learn from your top performers, and make data-driven decisions that pave the way for lasting success.

Today Sales Ask assists an array of residential and commercial contractors all across North America to unleash their untapped sales capability.

The AI-driven solution we've built is for the trades industry, which helps companies to close the project with higher margin, improve their managers can, and fuel the sustainable growth.


Our mission is to empower sales teams in the trades industries with cutting-edge AI insights, unlocking their full potential and fueling business growth.


We envision a future where AI-powered sales tools are the standard for trades businesses of all sizes, transforming the industry and driving success for hardworking teams.


We transform the way trades businesses sell.  Our AI insights pinpoint what drives success, boosting close rates, accelerating training, and maximizing the potential of every sales interaction.

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