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Sales Ask helped grow our average ticket from $17K to $27K in a short time"

Chris McClelland

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Why Windows & Door Companies Choose Sales Ask AI

Sales Ask AI employs advanced AI-driven insights to enhance your sales performance in the windows and doors industry. By analyzing sales conversations, it identifies successful strategies and areas for improvement. This enables your sales team to close more deals effectively, ensuring consistent performance and significantly boosting your close rates.

Onboarding new hires in the windows and doors industry can be challenging, but Sales Ask AI simplifies this process. The platform provides AI-analyzed recordings of real sales conversations, making it easier for new employees to quickly learn effective sales techniques. This efficient training process ensures that new hires are well-prepared to succeed from day one, enhancing productivity and sales.
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Increase Close Rates

Our AI-driven insights help your sales reps identify and replicate top-performing strategies, boosting their ability to close more deals effectively.

Eliminate Time-Consuming

Listen to real customer interactions remotely and provide immediate, actionable feedback that your reps can use in their next home visit.

Replicate Top Performers

Allow your team to hear exactly what your top performers are saying during sales calls, enabling them to mimic successful techniques.
With Sales ask reps sell 37% more
Average Project
Size Increase
Avg increase in
close rates
Increased Average
Project Value
Avg time savings for
Sales Leaders
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Case Study

Parliament Kitchens Increases Average Project Value by 37% with Sales Ask

Owner Chris McClelland Credits Data-Driven Sales Approach for Boost in Premium Projects.
Increased sales per rep
Increased contract value
Coaching time saved
Customer Stories

The fastest growing sales teams dominate with Sales Ask.

Real-Time Insights: AI listens, transcribes, and analyzes conversations your sales reps have with clients in the field.
Enhanced Coaching: Get summaries of conversations and create actionable items for your team.
Pitch Scoring: Identify issues with sales pitches and provide feedback to improve closing rates.
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Case Studies

Results from real companies

Parliment Kitchens

"Sales Ask helped grow our average ticket from $17K to $27K in a short time"


Enviro Painting

“I didn't have to worry about doing ride-alongs all day to hit our aggressive targets.”



"We replicated our top performer's closing techniques  saw immediate improvement"


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