Sales Ask FAQ: Your Questions Answered

About Sales Ask's Speech Analytics AI Platform
Is it legal to record conversations with clients?
While recording laws vary, in most locations it's legal to record client conversations for training and quality control purposes.  However, a few locations have stricter "two-party consent" laws requiring you to notify the client before recording begins.  

How will my sales reps react to being recorded?
It's normal for reps to have some initial hesitation. However, with Sales Ask, the focus is on self-improvement and team development, not micromanagement.  
Here's what typically happens:

Top Performers: May be skeptical at first, but quickly become converts once they see how it helps them refine their pitch even further and how they can show off their skills to the team.

Mid-Level Reps: May have some concerns, but these often fade as they see the targeted coaching benefits.

New Reps: Tend to be most receptive, as Sales Ask helps them learn the ropes quickly.

Within a short time, most reps come to see Sales Ask as a valuable learning tool that helps them close more deals.
How does the AI work for trades sales?
Sales Ask's AI is designed to analyze the specific challenges faced by trades businesses. Here's how it works:

We Learn Your Process:
Whether you have a defined sales script or not, we analyze your team's successful calls to identify the patterns that lead to wins.

Custom Insights: The AI generates insights tailored to your company, focusing on the questions, objections, and communication techniques that impact your close rate.

Easy Coaching: Sales Ask makes it simple to provide targeted feedback to individual reps, driving improvement across your team.
How long does setup take?
Sales Ask is designed to be up and running quickly. Most of our customers are fully set up in under two hours. 

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