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Zoom Integration with Sales Ask AI

Easily integrate Sales Ask AI with Zoom to streamline your sales meeting recordings and coaching sessions. Follow these simple steps to set up, use, and manage the integration.
Adding the App:
Removing the App:
Support Centre:
By following these steps, you can ensure a seamless integration of Zoom with Sales Ask AI, enhancing your ability to record and review sales meetings efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to record conversations with clients?
While recording laws vary, in most locations it's legal to record client conversations for training and quality control purposes.  However, a few locations have stricter "two-party consent" laws requiring you to notify the client before recording begins.  

How do I know if the app is recording?
A recording icon will appear in the Zoom meeting interface, indicating that the session is being recorded.
What should I do if the bot does not join the meeting?
Ensure that the invitation URL is correct and that you have followed the steps properly. If issues persist, contact Sales Ask AI support.
How secure is my recorded data?
Sales Ask AI follows stringent data privacy and security protocols to ensure that your recordings are secure and accessible only to authorized personnel.

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