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The Challenge

With a diverse range of renovation services, Ottawa General Contractors needed a way to ensure consistent sales messaging and closing techniques across their in-office team. This was crucial for scaling their business and securing more high-value home addition projects.

The Results

Increased Revenue: Ottawa General Contractors saw an average monthly revenue increase of $100K within the first 6 months of implementing Sales Ask, with a significant portion attributed to their home addition sales.
Scalable Success: The consistency and efficiency gains allowed OGC to confidently take on larger, more complex home addition projects.
Empowered Sales Team: Nick reports that Sales Ask's insights have made his in-office sales team feel more supported and motivated, improving overall morale.

How Sales Ask Helped

Pinpointing Winning Strategies: Sales Ask's analysis tools allowed Nick to identify the specific behaviors and language used by their top-closing reps on home addition consultations. This provided a blueprint for success.
Targeted Coaching: Instead of relying on guesswork, Nick could provide data-backed feedback focused on the elements that lead to closing large-scale projects. This led to faster improvement and more consistent results.
Team-Wide Alignment: By replicating proven sales techniques, OGC ensured every client interaction about home additions was aligned with their high standards, regardless of which rep they spoke with.

“Being able to pinpoint the exact moments where reps were losing deals was a game-changer. We replicated our top performer's closing techniques on home additions and saw immediate improvement.”

Nick Karrandjas
Sales Lead
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