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The Challenge

As the owner of Enviro Painting, Meshal wanted to grow his Ottawa-based painting business. But, without a way to monitor and coach his sales team remotely, he was spending all his time on ride-alongs instead of securing larger Ottawa-area contracts.

The Results

Increased Revenue: Enviro Painting saw a 15% increase in overall revenue within the first 5 months of using Sales Ask.
Time Saved for Growth: By eliminating the need for daily ride-alongs, Meshal saved an average of 10 hours per week. This allowed him to secure a $50K commercial repaint contract and expand his Ottawa-based crew.
Boosting Close Rates: Sales Ask's data-driven coaching created a more supportive sales environment. This led to a 10% increase in the team's average close rate on Ottawa painting projects.

How Sales Ask Helped

Remote Coaching for Ottawa Teams: Sales Ask's call recording and analysis let Meshal pinpoint where his reps were struggling, even when he couldn't be on-site. This streamlined his coaching and made it more targeted for his Ottawa salesforce.
Leveling Up the Team: By analyzing his team's calls, Meshal discovered hidden closing techniques used by his top Ottawa sales reps. He used Sales Ask's insights to train his entire team on those proven methods.

“I didn't have to worry about doing ride-alongs all day to hit our aggressive targets.”

Meshal Alsham
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