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5 Costly Sales Mistakes Your Trades Business Might Be Making (And How to Fix Them Fast)

Is your trades business losing deals due to hidden sales errors? Discover the top 5 mistakes SalesAsk uncovers and how AI-powered coaching can boost your close rate.
Written by
Dara Shabnam
Published on
April 9, 2024

Every missed opportunity in the trades is money out of your pocket.  But are you and your team unknowingly making sales errors that sabotage deals? From fumbling objections to undervaluing your services, there are hidden mistakes that could be hurting your close rate. Let's dive into the most common ones SalesAsk reveals, and how to fix them for good.

Mistake #1:  Weak Objection Handling

  • The Problem: When a homeowner says, "It's too expensive," or "I need to think about it," many trades reps don't have effective responses. These objections mask the real reasons for hesitation.
  • Example: A potential roofing client might say "I'll get other quotes" when actually they're unsure about the value of a premium roof.
  • The Fix: Train reps to dig deeper. "Can you share your budget for this project?" or "What are your biggest concerns about the investment?" gets to the root of the problem.

Mistake #2:  Not Highlighting Your Expertise

  • The Problem: In a rush to close, reps downplay what sets them apart. Clients choose the cheapest option, not the best one.
  • Example: A solar rep may focus only on equipment, not their company's experience or warranties.
  • The Fix: Emphasize your unique value. This could be certifications, years in the industry, client testimonials – proof points that build trust.

Mistake #3: Pricing Confusion

  • The Problem: Inconsistent pricing, vague explanations, or last-minute add-ons erode trust. Clients feel they're being low-balled or taken advantage of.
  • Example: A plumbing quote lacks detail. The client then feels blindsided by unexpected fees.
  • The Fix: Transparency is key. Break down pricing clearly and explain why your services are worth the investment.

Mistake #4: Rushing to Close

  • The Problem: Pressuring a prospect often backfires. Tradespeople need to build relationships, but also efficiently manage their time.
  • Example: A contractor pushes for a signed contract on the first visit, making the client feel uneasy.
  • The Fix: Nurturing leads is essential. Provide valuable information, follow up consistently, and position yourself as a trusted advisor.

Mistake #5:  Poor Follow-Up

  • The Problem: Many leads go cold because reps are too busy or drop the ball. This is especially damaging in trades where timing is often crucial.
  • Example: A potential HVAC client requests a quote. The response takes days, and they've moved on.
  • The Fix: A defined follow-up process is non-negotiable. This could involve automated reminders, templated emails, and setting deadlines for rep outreach.

The Big Fix:  Data-Driven Insights with SalesAsk

While you might suspect some of these mistakes are happening, SalesAsk gives you the hard proof. Its AI analysis of sales calls reveals exactly where deals falter, providing targeted solutions.  This empowers you to:

  • Create Playbooks: Based on what top closers do right when handling objections, pricing discussions, etc.
  • Personalized Training: Each rep sees what they need to improve, not just generic advice.
  • Spot Trends: Are pricing objections common? This might hint at a need to revamp your sales materials.

Ottawa's Enviro Painting Eliminates Ride-Alongs, Scales Business with SalesAsk

As the owner of Enviro Painting, Meshal wanted to grow his Ottawa-based painting business. But, without a way to monitor and coach his sales team remotely, he was spending all his time on ride-alongs instead of securing larger Ottawa-area contracts.

  • The Results: Enviro Painting saw a 15% increase in overall revenue, saved 10 hours per week by eliminating ride-alongs, and boosted their close rate thanks to SalesAsk's data-driven coaching.
“I didn't have to worry about doing ride-alongs all day to hit our aggressive targets.” – Meshal Alsham, Owner

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